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It was only a matter of time. Today’s man is quickly discovering that lace is not just for the ladies anymore. And Male Power’s sensational new Scandal Lace collection provides vivid proof.The new and scintillating line of shorts and thongs captures all the wonderful features of this ever-popular openwork fabric. So delicate, lightweight and breathable, it makes you feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. But lace looks oh-so-sexy, as it contours the male anatomy with unmatched grace and style. Scandal Lace is made from black stretch galloon lace combined with soft, four-way stretch
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mesh. It comes in eight unique and daring styles:  Power Sock Short, Garter Belt Short, Sling Thong, Choker Thong, Micro Thong Pinch Back, G-String Garter Short, Micro Garter Short and Split Back Short. All are available for immediate delivery.

174-178  Power Sock Short
308-178  Sling Thong
309-178  Choker Thong
 176-178  G - String Garter Short

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