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Stretch Lace Collection

The Male Power Stretch Lace collection gives guys who love lace a chance to enjoy this delicate luxury, but with a contour pouch that contains your goods. Whether you just like the look or harbor a hardcore fetish for the stuff, this skimpy line is as lacy as it gets.

Lace really comes to life once it wraps itself around your masculine curves and contours--you`ll feel so sexy strutting around in this naughty number! The minimal coverage shows lots of skin and won`t show up under clothes, so you can wear any of these Stretch Lace garments and be as discrete--or showy--as you want.   Try the crotchless panty when you want to "let it all hang out."

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Review – Male Power Stretch Wonder Lace Bikini - By A Mens Underwear Blog

When I first saw lace undies for men, I had the same reaction as the Facebook fans. “I will never wear those.” I told myself. However, in the last year my feeling for lace has changed. It went from I will never wear them to, HMM maybe I need to give them a try. That’s when Male Power sent Lace Underwear to UNB.

I was really worried when I got them that they wouldn’t hold their shape all day. I mean how much support could you get from a pair of lace underwear? Well, I got some great support. The fabric is 85% nylon and 15% Elastane. Which made the pair a lot more giving then I thought.

The pair I received fit and wore very well. I was surprised how well I liked them. I figured that it may ride up, drive me crazy in the pouch but neither happened. All in all they are a great pair!!

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Bong Thong
442-162 Black

Bong Thong
442-162 White

Mini Short
145-162 Black

Mini Short
145-162 White

Wonder Bikini
491-162 Black

Wonder Bikini
491-162 White

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