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Euro Male Spandex

This erotic import is made from nylon spandex, and offers the very popular European cut that is all the rage on the other side of the pond.
Euro Male Spandex comes in three bold colors, and, of course, basic black.

The thong, bikini and mini short are all low rise – sexy and stylish.


Pak-875 Micro Mini Pouch Short

Pak-875 Micro Mini Pouch Short

Pak-875 Micro Mini Pouch Short
Lime Green

Pak-875 Micro Mini Pouch Short

Pak-874 Full Cut Thong Back

Pak-873 Shirred Pouch Manty

Pak-871 Brazilian Pouch Bikini

Pak-872 Mini Pouch Thong

Pak-870 Pouch G-String

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