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Our design team lives on the cutting edge.  We are dynamic, innovative and trend-setting, and our collections evidence imagination and a unique understanding of customer needs and preferences. Line after line, season after season, Magic Silk and Male Power remain at the forefront of the industry.  Quality and creativity are our hallmarks.

We know no limits, and offer the richest variety of garments in the business. Our company manufactures lingerie, costumes, fantasy dress up, bondage wear, gag underwear, his and her sets, and the # 1 mens underwear line in the world!  And our sizes run the gamut, from regular to plus.

We make packaging a priority.  Superior merchandise demands first-class packaging. Our eleven different boxes are uniquely shaped to suit the products inside them, with vibrant and creative graphics to match.  The space-saving dimensions of these containers make them practical as well.

Our in house support team is second to none. You will always receive fast service and prompt response to your questions. And you cannot go wrong, because we guarantee satisfaction!  We will go to any lengths to provide you with the  support you need, and can even assist in analyzing sales data with our advanced Excel capabilities

We know what sells, and we know what is appropriate for your unique customer base. Our specialists will make certain that you are purchasing the right products, in the correct quantity. Your success is our success, and we insist that you succeed!

When you deal with us, you take no risk whatsoever. We guarantee the sale of our product!  Slower selling merchandise is quickly moved into the off-price category, to clear the way for our hottest sellers.  But in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with any of our products, we will take them back -- no strings attached, no questions asked.

Special attention is paid to size specs and quality control. Our queen size garments are always true to size.

We employ an expert graphic art team, and their goal is to help increase your sales.  They are an integral part of our staff, but they work for you!

Colorful posters and in-store signage are always available, absolutely free of charge. We can also assist you in creating your ads, sell sheets, in- store handouts and much more. Other free promotional products are available for special events

If you have special shipping needs, we will meet them.  Our Trafficking Department pays strict attention to your detailed requirements.

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