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Mens Package Underwear

Plenty of businesses “think outside the box” but  at Male Power, we spend more time thinking about the box itself. Specializing in men's underwear and novelty wear, we are renowned for our innovative packaging which, is every bit as important as the products we encase.

The male underwear  apparel industry has demanded eye catching packaging and we are enthusiastically responding, with creative designs, bold colors, strong graphics and clever ad copy.Our packaged underwear also manufactured in smart, space saving dimensions. Their products stand out on the rack, while utilizing surprisingly little room.
Package Lingerie
Our New Packaging Catalog
Has Arrived!!
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packaging designs.

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Top quality garments demand first class packaging;
Male Power and Magic Silk deliver both.

For More information on our women's products at Magic Silk.
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Male Power offers the world’s
 largest selection of mens underwear!

Our merchandise is made from quality materials, looks great, and can be displayed using a minimum amount of wall space.

Actual Size - H-5.75”  W-5.75”  D-1.4”

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Silk Underwear

100% Silk Underwear!

This collection of 100% Mens silk underwear and lounge-wear offers the ultimate in comfort.

These brightly colored garments feature contour styling and breath-ability, and are ever so soft to the touch. All 11 styles are offered in 5 bold colors, and appropriately packaged with a touch of class.

Actual Size H-8.4” W-5.25” D-1.25”

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Novelty Underwear
Our gag outfits are far better seen than described, but their names

Manufactured in 25 styles utilizing colorful, eye catching graphics, this legendary line has been a winner for more than 25 years!

Actual Size - H-8.4” W-5.0” D-1.15”

Mens Bedroom Costumes
“Man up” in our colorful costume collection, designed especially for him.

 Seven different outfits are available, each one perfect for fantasy fulfillment: Officer Frisk-em, Rough Rider, First Mate, Tight End, Cocky Cowboy, Butt-ler, and St. Dick.

Actual Size - H-8.6”  W-5.7”  D-1.6

Mens Fetish underware

This is Male Power’s premium, “leather look” fetish line for the uninhibited man.

The Tormenter, Cyclops, The Gladiator and other top selling styles look as great as they feel. Sold in compact boxes adorned with striking graphics.

Actual Size - H-8.75” W-6.00” D-1.75”

Womens Fetish Lingerie

Lust puts the “fun” back in woman's fetish.

This intriguing line of premium “leather look” lingerie features one and two piece body hugging outfits with superior fabric stretch. Designed for comfort & style, they are available in standard & plus sizes.

Actual Size - H-11.75” W-6.00” D-1.75”

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